Advantage of Low Glycemic Index Foods

Low Glycemic Index foods come to life after dibetes got uncontrollable after a popular doctor named Dr  J Jenkins presented that low gi foods actually help controlling sugar levels on your blood thus controlling your dibetes. The benefits doesn't end with dibetes but research stated that it was really helpful in other body problems such as weight gains and acne. The other advantages include lower blood pressure and it reduces the chances of heart diseases.

How Does Low GI Works?
It's is well researched that carbohydrates that break down slowly release sugar slowly thus it's gives time for the live to absorb that sugar without increasing your levels. There are level of GI for an individual food so you have many option to choose from people avoid going to Low gi diet often affraid of eating something which they hate but since they don't know the list they might don't know some of their favorite foods might be listed on that, so not to go long with gi i have added a list below i hope it going to be helpful to you.

How Diabets Occur?
When you eat something it contains sugars some release more some release less but what happen when body release glucose a essential hormon releases called insulin which controls the sugar levels by converting sugar into fat yeah! it does make you fat but you keep healthy so it's better to become fat than ill the person suffering from diabetes are those in their body cells start to ignore reacting to insulin which thus increase your sugar levels.

How GI Helps In Curing Your Fat?
GI works in this way first it doesn't let urge of increasing sugar levels so the less insulin release thus you don't create any fat at the same time you are healthy.